Bike trip in the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean

For all of our bike lovers, cycling around Pantelleria will be an unforgettable souvenir.

The island is perfect for bike tours due to its network of roads and paths, ideal for both street cycling and mountain bike lovers.

The course includes the following legs: Mursia, Sesi, Scauri’s port, Sataria, Balata dei Turchi, the Elephant’s Arch, Gadir, Faraglioni, Martingana, Laghetto delle Ondine, Cala Cinque Denti, Lago di Venere, Mordomo.


As the route is pretty easy and with no real obstacle, amateurs will be able to join the tour too. We suggest the use of street or trekking bikes, but the brave ones who choose to deviate from the standard tour will need a quality mountain bike.


The first leg of the tour is Scauri; after 2.5 km you’ll reach Mursia, where you can visit the old necropolis: ‘I Sesi’. Going on, through unchallenging ups and downs, you’ll reach Sataria and its thermal pools. You’ll then get to Scauri’s port and, after a small hill, Scauri’s village. Slowly but surely, you’ll reach a 330 m height, on top of steep cliffs facing the sea.

Next, you’ll arrive at the Balata dei Turchi entrance, but we suggest that only the experienced bikers go visit the marvellous cave, as it’ll take a 5.5 km dirt track.
Carrying on, you’ll see the famous Elephant’s Arch, an elephant truck-shaped promontory, and right after that you’ll reach Gadir, an ancient seafaring village with thermal pools.

You can then move on towards ‘Laghetto delle Ondine’ and the beautiful ‘Cala Cinque Denti’. At this point, the route becomes less challenging and in a few hundred meters you’ll be at Lago di Venere, a volcanic lake sourced from thermal waters. After the 2 km tour around the lake, you can cycle back to the isle’s center, where our itinerary ends.

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