Restaurant in Pantelleria The taste of the Mediterranean cuisine

Hotel Village Suvaki restaurant “U Jardinu”

Hotel Village Suvaki is an hotel with restaurant facilities in Pantelleria, the restaurant has a panoramic dining room overlooking the sea, an indoor dining room with air conditioner, and an elegant and traditional “giardino pantesco” (an ancient artwork with Arabic origins), used as an exclusive dining room to live a unique experience. You can freely choose your seats at our restaurant “U JARDINO” both indoors and outdoors.

In our restaurant you will have the chance to try traditional dishes of Pantelleria made from our Chef with local and zero-mileage products like fruits and vegetable, fresh Mediterranean fish, Zibibbo of Pantelleria, red wine from Trapani and many more. The products used are carefully selected by our experienced staff, because eating in Sicily does not mean just eating well, but especially eating healthy!

At the restaurant “U Jardinu” we will whet your appetite with tasty and typical dishes from Sicily, with particular attention to food allergies and intolerances and through a wide selection of starters, main and second courses, and desserts. Everything can be prepared on request from our experienced staff, starting from gluten or lactose free food to vegan meals varieties, all according to the needs of our guests.

The breakfast

Sweeten up your day with an unforgettable breakfast.

Our breakfast is famous throughout the island. We can assure you that no one has ever been disappointed by it. If you don’t believe us, just look at the faces of those who stand at the breakfast counter: you will see amazement, wonder and an increasing appetite!

From sweet to savoury, from fruit to fruit jams, up to a series of products at your disposal if you have food allergies, intolerances or just want to follow a particular diet. With us you will realise how pleasant it is to start your day with someone ready to wish you good morning with a smile. Our passion for hospitality is really contagious: now is the right time to taste it for yourself!

Entirely at your disposal, there is also a typical “Giardino Pantesco” (an ancient artwork with Arabic origin) turned into an exclusive breakfast room, where you can enjoy the ancient flavourings of the past.

The lunch

It is intended as a quick lunch where a series of delicious dishes are offered in buffet style in a warm room with a panoramic view of the sea: grilled vegetables, Pantelleria salad, focaccia, pizzas, a roundup of mixed starters, sauteed first courses fruit and ice cream.

The dinner

At Hotel Village Suvaki restaurant “U Jardinu” dinner is characterised by a wide range of starters, main and second courses prepared on the spot “with show cooking”, fruit and homemade authentic Sicilian desserts well known in the whole Pantelleria Island.

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