Extra-vergin olive oil

Product of superior level used in our cuisine

Hotel Village Suvaki cuisine boasts the use of biological and zero-mileage products, thus showing the respect with which the hotel treats its guests’ health and its territory. Not only are these products healthy, but they are recognised as worldwide excellent delicacies; the extra-vergin olive oil is one of them, and it comes from the valleys nearby Trapani. It is used in the preparations of all meals, but mainly as a dressing to cold dishes, in order to enhance their taste.

Both the climate and the valleys of Trapani are perfectly suited to olive growing, that occurs through a manual method. The extra-vergin oil is obtained thanks to continuous cycle systems of extraction, with cold milling.

The product is of an intense green with yellow-golden reflections, a fruity taste of average intensity, harmonic and elegant. The extra-vergin oil of the valleys in Trapani has a very low level of acidity (0,2), and results from a blend of cultivars typical of the area: nocellara, cerasuola and biancolilla. It is a type of oil of superior category that is exported around the world.

Long time partner of the Hotel Village Suvaki is the agricultural holding Oddo from Valderice, that helps to maintain the high quality of its restaurant (www.agricolaoddo.it).

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