Gourmet Tour

Gourmet Tour

If you are a fine cuisine lover, there is no better way to explore the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean than through its typical products, in a gourmet tour that will allow you to know and savour the local recipes of Pantelleria, while visiting farms and wine cellars located in charming places. The excursion is composed of several stop-overs: the caper factory Cooperativa Produttori Capperi, various wine cellars, Piana della Ghirlanda and lunch in a family-run restaurant. The tasting includes capers, typical pâtés, marmalades, cheese, zibibbo, moscato and passito paired with desserts and much more.

Also, we remind you that the “vite ad alberello” (head-trained bush vines) of Pantelleria has been inscribed by the UNESCO on the representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity; the excursion is indeed a great opportunity of seeing it and savouring its fruits.

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