The dammuso

What’s a dammuso? What’s behind its strage form?

The dammuso is a typical dwelling of Pantelleria. The peculiarities of the Island have influenced its structure, so it is possible to say that this wonderful house has been built according to the needs of the inhabitants of Pantelleria and the materials present in the area.

Since rains are scarce, the characteristic white domed roof directs the rainwater in the tanks; on the other hand, the thick walls and the small windows allow the structure to be isolated, thus protecting it both from the heath and the cold winter wind.

Next to the dammuso there usually is a round construction, built with molten stone and without any roof. This construction is called “jardino”. The “jardino” is mainly used to plant fruit trees and its structure shelters them from the wind, thus allowing their growth.

The constrast betweent the white roof and the black molten stone offers a spectacular view. However, it is thanks to the surrounding palms, bougainvilleas, olive trees and vines – typical elements of the gardens in Pantelleria – that the structure reaches its maximum beauty.

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